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There are undoubtedly a lot of exciting aspects of live casino play and the thrills start when you come to choose your provider. ticks every box and this innovative and leading online casino has set up a very impressive live casino platform.

Online Casino Changes

When the first online casinos hit the internet, interest started to grow at a rapid rate. At first, progress was quite slow as some operators offered no more than a few traditional slot games and basic card games. The software had to be downloaded onto personal computers, and the hardware would often be lagging in speed and performance.

Those who remember playing in the 1990s will truly appreciate just how far this industry has come. This is as a result of new technology, innovative developers and dedicated online casino operators like

Live Casino

Now, not only is there a huge range of games, many of them have been taken to the next level, and that’s all down to live casino table games in their real-time setting.

The History of Live Casino

The ability to produce live casino play came about as technology grew in the live streaming industry and this opened up more opportunities for online casino portals. A number of new online casino players may think that live casino has just come about but it dates back to 1996. Because of the rapid growth in technology, the live casino gaming platform has grown in leaps and bounds and the options are unrecognisable from those which first appeared over twenty years ago.

What Does Live Casino Have to Offer?

To appreciate what a quality live casino such as has to offer, we need to make a comparison. We have to understand what gameplay was like when it first became available, to the way it is presented now.

  • In the Beginning: The first few games to go virtual in live casino play were pretty basic. There would be one dealer available, the backdrop would be plain, and the hours of operation were limited. It meant that to get into a live game, players would have schedule their online casino play around the operator.
  • Now: A lot has changed the way in the way that live casino play is presented. An experienced casino platform such as has to keep on top of these changes to bring the best gaming experience to their customers. One of the significant differences is in the way in which players can access their live casino activities. Now, many play on mobile devices which means they are available to enjoy some exciting live casino play at any time and anywhere.

Casinos such as took on the challenge to meet the increasing demands of players. We do this by making live casino games available around the clock. It now means that anytime somebody wants to play live roulette or live blackjack or any of the other available games, the opportunity is waiting for them at high quality sites such as

What Makes Live Casino Different?

There are a lot of aspects to live casino play that are different to the traditional methods. For most players, the real difference lies in the fact that they are playing against a real dealer, not a computer. Being able to interact with the dealer adds to the enjoyment while the little touches such as the backdrop on the screen or the ways in which the cameras can be panned for betting viewing are other big advantages.

The difference also comes via the software providers for live casino games. has chosen Evolution Gaming to run many of their live games and this is a wise choice. This software provider is a leader in the online casino industry on many different levels.

Live Casino2

How has Heightened the Experience?

If it weren’t for trustworthy and experienced online casino providers, much of the enjoyment of online play would be limited. has always taken the view that customer experience comes first and we have done this by staying in touch with what players online want and need.

It is this type of research which has helped to build our reputation across all of our gaming platforms.

Types of Live Games at

A well-performing live casino platform is vital but it has to be backed by a great choice of games.  Operators must look to meet all demands and provide something for everyone so has set up a great list of online casino games which consists of:

  • Roulette
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Money Wheel
  • Monopoly
  • Blackjack
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Caribbean Stud Poker

Among that list are some subtle variations of the same game and you may discover a number of different versions. In total, the live casino section at is comprised of about 15 games and while that could be described as modest when compared to other providers, all of the most popular games are here.

Live Casino3Integrity of may be part of a large group of casino providers but we never lose sight of what’s important to online players. This approach has helped us to maintain our standards and stay at the very top of the industry.

The site is licenced by the UK Gambling Commission, and we also belong to some of the most noted online casino associations that apply the highest possible standards to their members.

The Live Casino Experience

If you want to start your live casino play experience in the best way possible, one of the best approaches is to sign up at It’s a busy platform but it’s logically laid out so you can find all of your favourite games quickly and easily. There is plenty of information to help new players get started and support is always available to help out as needed.

With so much available at our live casino, why would you go anywhere else?