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With there being so many choices of games to enjoy at online casinos, you may want to take some time to try a few out before your find your own favourites. Now, with live casino play adding to the fun, it makes browsing all the more enjoyable. One option among the many live games to choose from is baccarat.

The Basics of the Game

This is a game which may seem to have complex rules but once the basics of it are understood, then it becomes easier to add some skill to the gameplay. The chance turn of a card plays its part but both elements are needed in order to succeed at Live Baccarat.

Baccarat was once the favoured game of 007 himself – James Bond – and, at on-land casinos, it was seen as an exclusive option for the super-rich. In the modern day, that just isn’t the case and thanks to live online casinos, anyone can enjoy the game.

Live BaccaratLive Baccarat Game Basics

When playing baccarat, players should know the basics of the game before joining a live event, so that they feel comfortable placing their bets and making in-game decisions.

To Start

Each player and the banker are dealt two cards each. There is the option to draw a third card but that depends on your opening score.

Card Value

Aces are worth one, all other number cards are at face value, while picture cards and tens count as zero.

Placing the Bets

Any baccarat player has the choice of placing three types of bets.

  • They can bet on their hand
  • Bets can also be placed on the banker’s hand
  • Bets can be placed on a tie

The Count

Only the last digit is counted when the cards are added up. For example, a player holding 12 points will see that hand count as two, and a player holding 18 will count as eight.

The Win

The objective of this game is for the player or the dealer to be the closest to nine, and the closest hand wins that game.

The Live Baccarat Gaming Experience

Playing baccarat online as a new experience is one which is really enjoyable at any traditional online casino but it gets even better when that experience is live. Now, live baccarat comes with different variants to the game.

The experience begins with a great atmosphere and players start to feel that they are in a live casino setting. The dealer is live in front of them playing the game in real time so players can converse with the dealer. This is as close to playing baccarat at a bricks and mortar casino as you can get but without the inconvenience of actually having to travel.

Live Baccarat2

The Software Producer: Evolution Gaming

Different casino software providers develop online live baccarat games and players who have accounts at various online casinos will start to develop their own preferences. For example, at, we have chosen to run our live baccarat games with Evolution Gaming software. This is a well-known software provider who is well respected in the online casino industry.

Each software provider will add their unique twist to the games they produce. There is undoubtedly a lot of competition in this industry, and each of those game developers wants to become a market leader. Aside from the development of the games themselves, it’s the little touches that appear in the live play casino games that can make all the difference. For example, the backdrops behind the dealer or the shape and colour of the tables are enough to make one game stand out from the rest. Players can also have a choice as to the way the cameras are panning so they can get better views of the table in front of them.

Often when players enter a live baccarat game, they can enter a lobby where all the rules are posted, or they may go straight to a table if they are confident enough to dive in.

Live Baccarat3Live Baccarat Versions

A basic game such as live baccarat can be developed even further with some customization added to it and this is just what software providers such as Evolution will do. They may make some small changes such as dealing cards face down when traditionally they are dealt face up. Then, they may add additional betting opportunities to the game.

This is enough to create new and different versions that players may want to try. The traditional game of baccarat will always be available but if you want to play something new, there are options.   

Practice First

When a player first begins playing a new game such as baccarat, they may be a little nervous and may just be hesitant about sitting at a table in front of a live dealer. A way to overcome this is to practice playing the game of baccarat first in a traditional online setting. By doing this, the player is up against a computer instead of a real live dealer and may not feel quite so intimidated.

Sites such as offer different versions or a least one or more versions of online baccarat, so players have choices. Most likely, after getting warmed up to the game with a few hands using automated software, the player will soon be ready to move on to live casino baccarat.

Choosing the Right Online Casino

With live baccarat being such an authentic and classic game, choosing the right casino online to play at is essential. Nothing should get in the way of your fun while playing live baccarat online.

Sites such as are dedicated to bringing the best gaming experience to online players, both with their live casino options and their traditional counterparts. are licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities and guarantee fair play while you’re online.